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I believe that indie authors are going to need to truly adopt such a mentality for their brand to really fly off into another stratosphere… And you are right about this list working for promotion in general. Tweak and refine your strategies, toss what isn’t working and add new tactics when you’re ready. While there isn’t necessarily a way to copyright only your book title without having to upload your completed book, your book title will be copyrighted once you complete the book copyright process that we walked you through in the steps above. How many times have you gone in search of something, only to get sidetracked by something entirely different along the way? Let's say Google spiders its way through all 2 billion pages four times a year. The theory is the same, whether you’re marketing a book or a blender; you must find a way to get your ‘product’ noticed by the people who will value it highly and tell others.



1000 if you publish your first book and if people like it and there going to want you to publish more book and the price goes up but you have to write something that your know people going to be interested in. With a penny per page, we would have a self-propagating combination of business and creativity: instant publishing with instant revenue for any individual who can access the Web. It’s easy to get distracted by all the things we can do to build our platform and promote our work, but the key is to figure out what we should do; and it’s not the same for every author, or even every book. It's hard to point out the flaws in Google Docs when it is a free product. These book cover creation services use free stock images. I actually am using a successful self-published author’s blog as a guideline for what I should have on my blog to use it as a website for my books. At this point, you should have a basic understanding of how to use a word processor to write your e-Book, & how to do things such as insert images.



Glad you found at least one thing out of the 71; guess I’m going to have to work harder next time… Check out all the features that are available to manage all your books on Amazon. So what are the costs associated with publishing on Amazon? That is how I found out about the Amazon Associates Program, but I don’t think I am ready for that because I am not able to give them some of the information they ask for on the sign-up page. My expenses are minimal: I pay $5 to e-junkie each month to deliver my ebooks - and yes, that’s a static fee no matter how many ebooks I sell - and 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction to PayPal for collecting the funds (and slightly more for international purchases), which works out to about $1 for each $24 ebook. You are so welcome, CJ! Players should know that these servos are Sims dressed in custom bodies, which means the game mod uses custom contents. Even though Amazon may be enough for some authors, but in order to expand your portfolio, it's highly recommended to keep the other players in sight.



1. Do you genuinely believe in your story, even if publishers don’t? That is, those things that are repetitive, technical or require skills you don’t possess. And I am totally with you on the mini task force that’s required to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to writers today. The book description is one of the most under-utilized opportunities to encourage potential readers to buy your book. Providing a proper book description can be tricky even if you have a great command of the subject, and writing them back cover as you need to blend in an appropriate sales pitch. Yes, I know that it is a necessary evil (creative writing & marketing that creative writing), I just wish I could hire a little team to execute so many of the tasks that you suggest (press releases, pinning, etc.). Try a little brainstorming or mind mapping for your work in progress, Magda, and you’ll be surprised at how many tie-ins you can come up with! Like 10 to 15. That way you’ll get a better feel for the key elements that work, and more inspiration for helping your blog standout.



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